Ok, bye at Vault Festival 2018

Everything that ends involves some kind of goodbye. Whether you are saying it to a person, an addiction or a place. We are thrilled to annouce our new show, Ok, bye is set to premiere at Vault Festival in March 2018 with tickets going on sale on 5 December 2017. Using our signature combination of physical theatre and dynamic storytelling, we will open a dialogue with the audience about what it means to part ways.

For more information go to Ok, bye

Ok, ​bye
VAULT Festival 2018
7 ​- ​11 ​March ​2018, 19:45 ​
Matinee Saturday, ​10 ​March, ​15:15 ​
​Duration 60 | Venue: Crescent | Tickets ​£ ​8
On sale December 5th