Ok, bye

Everything that ends involves some kind of goodbye.

Whether you are saying it to a person, an addiction or a place, every aspect of your life that you part ways with is acknowledged by that final farewell: “ok, bye”.  We are going to devise a show around the very simple premise that saying “ok, bye” can mean thousands of different things: “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “I never want to see your stupid face again” or just the end of a phone call.  Using our signature combination of physical theatre and dynamic storytelling, we will open a dialogue with the audience about what it means to part ways.  As a company we describe our style as theatrical tapas, because we take the best of everything we find and use it to make intimate, involving theatre: tales from our own lives, writing, improvisation, music and movement.

Director/Co-Creator: Vicki Baron
Artistic Director/Movement Director/Co-Creator: Kate Goodfellow
Producer: Sally Collet
Set Design: Jessica Sinclair Martin
Lighting and Sound Design: Abi Toghill
Music written and performed by: Andrew Armfield
Cast: Sam Cornforth, Oscar Scott-White, Kate Goodfellow

Press and PR: Chloe Nelkin and Tilly Wilson

Ok, ​Bye
VAULT Festival 2018