Tumbling After

Jack and Gill went to The Hill to have a pint of lager… Jack met Gretel and Gill met Peter, and this tale is the Tumbling After. A seductive story of two couples as they stumble in and tumble out of love. A show that spoke to mind, body and the awkward bits in between, through a tale about what happy ever after means today: friendship, longing, tangled bodies, and tangled relationships. This blood-quickening show combined physicality and vocal play, straddling the gaps between theatre, performance art, and a vivid dream.

Director/Co Creator:
Vicki Baron
Movement Director: Elizabeth Mary Williams
Set design/Co Creator: Kate Goodfellow

Cast: Marietta Melrose, Robert Boulton, Steven Laverty and Kate Goodfellow

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‘One of the most cleverest and most innovative shows of its genre’


‘Unique, entertaining…perfectly formed’



‘A touching and evocative exploration of twenty-first century love’


A Younger Theatre

‘A very well crafted piece in both story and choreography, dynamic and absorbing theatre’


The Skinny

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